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You say you write in French, but you want to write for an English-speaking audience. There are many authors who write and publish in English, even if it is not their first language. I wonder if it is possible to really understand the spirit of the English-speaking audience if you just have your French texts translated into English?

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Good question! First of all, I try to write from as universal a perspective as possible. If you read some of the articles I've already published, you'll see that I write about many different countries. I've even devoted an entire article to US nationality tax and FATCA (https://disruptives-horizons.com/p/the-fatca-disaster)

Of course, coming from France, and speaking French and therefore having access to many French sources that have never been translated, I'll be talking about this country (and Europe) probably more than an American or an Australian, but I think this will give an interesting perspective and flavor compared to most English-speaking Substack authors.

I certainly hope so! Time will tell.

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The audience is being exposed to a unique perspective and needs to be able to understand the spirit of this native French speaker, not the other way around.This is the perfect case study for the benefits and limitations of LLM translations.

The way you understand the spirit of someone is by getting to know them, that is to say, by building relationships.The author will do well in this regard.

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I look forward to reading some of your stuff. I appreciate your decision to write in French, because it's easier to go from French to English than the other way.

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